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Manufacturing Process

K S Oils has all its manufacturing plants located in the rich mustard growing belt of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan in India. The mother plant is situated in Morena and is one of the best state-of-the-art integrated manufacturing facilities in the country. This unit situated in the midst of the Mustard growing region of Madhya Pradesh is a state-of-the-art plant that houses all facilities under one roof. Equipped with Kohllus and expellers to crush the oil seeds, refineries to refine the crude oil, solvent extractor, vanaspati plant and storage tanks; what makes it an integrated plant is its packaging department.

The uniqueness of the packaging department is that apart from packing the products, it also produces the packing materials in-house. The Plant has a capacity of crushing 1,475 metric tonnes of mustard seed per day, making it the largest integrated mustard oil Manufacturing Plant in the country.

Superior quality mustard seeds are selected for the process of manufacturing to produce the best quality edible oil. These seeds are then crushed in Kohllus and expellers to obtain crude oil, which is directly sold as crude/virgin mustard oil to suit the taste of the conventional consumers. Under further processing the remaining oil-cake is passed through solvent extractors to draw solvent oils. The solvent oil is either sold for industrial use or sent to refinery to make refined oil.

In the extraction of Soybean Oil dehulled yellow soybeans of high quality are selected. These seeds are cracked and adjusted for moisture content and then subsequently rolled into flakes. With the help of commercial hexanes the solvent is extracted, which is further refined and blended to produce the best quality edible oil. The refined oil finds its place directly to the market or is further hydrogenated to generate vanaspati. De-oiled cake obtained from the extraction procedure is either sold locally or exported to cattle/ aqua feed manufacturing companies abroad.

Imported and local crude oils like soyabean and palm are refined in the refinery and sold as refined soyabean oil and refined palm oil.

The integrated process (flow chart) from raw material to finished products enables K S Oils to cater to a range of consumers depending upon the taste and budget of the customer.

The entire process

  • Selection of Seed: Seeds are selected meticulously for the production of best quality edible oil.
  • Kachi Ghani or Crude Oil: The seeds are cleaned and loaded through conveyors into the crushers under controlled temperature to maintain pungency. The residue obtained from crushers is processed further in the expellers to obtain oil with less pungency. The pungent oil from the crushers and the less pungent one from the expellers are blended in a pre-defined proportion to obtain the edible oil of right pungency.
  • Solvent Oil: The filtrate from the extractor is sprayed with Hexane and distilled to produce Solvent Oil. De-oiled cakes formed during the process is exported to cattle feed manufacturers.
  • Refined Oil: The solvent oil is passed through refineries to obtain crystal clear, de-odorized oil or refined oil.
  • Vanaspati: Hydrogenation of the refined oil produces Vanaspati.
  • Storage and Packing: The oil produced in the crude, solvent and refined forms and the Vanaspati are sent to separate storage tanks. From the storage tanks it is routed to the packing department, where it is directly filled into tins, bottles and pouches mechanically. This state-of-the-art packing system at K S Oils not only makes the packing attractive and durable, but also gives a profound thought to the purity of the product and health consciousness of the Indian customers.

K S Oils is also concerned about the environmental safety. It has therefore adopted the Green Power Technology and has set up 34 wind mills of total 32 Mega Watt capacity to generate green energy. This green energy saves power consumption in addition to reducing cost of production.

To operate a manufacturing unit of its magnitude, K S Oils has a highly efficient and skilled workforce and believes that their human resource is the key to their success. To augment the skills of its employees, K S Oils have given them the liberty to experiment with the manufacturing process resulting in high quality products.

K S Oils expansion plan has 4 plants coming up in the mustard producing belts of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Also K S Oils have bought palm plantations in Malaysia and Indonesia to keep pace with the requirement of raw materials that would arise upon the plants being operational. These key steps taken by K S Oils to increase production would help the country at large to meet its growing demand and attain self-sufficiency. Also these plants would provide job opportunities to the people in the region.

Research and Development:

As a leading agri-commodity and edible oil player in India, K S Oils has focused R&D initiatives on two fronts

  • Current production, quality and best practices
  • Collaborating with farmers to create a bottom up R&D approach

With the aspiration to provide the best to its precious customers, K S Oils has set up to an effective R&D team with an indispensable R&D lab within the Company that envisions innovation. The team ensures the quality of the seeds and crude oil that find its way to the factory and the purity and edibility of the oil is ascertained of QC before it leaves the Company premises.

The R&D team in close association with the farmers also conducts study and research to produce the best seeds. This initiative taken by the R&D team of K S Oils would help in increasing the supply of raw material to increase productivity, which in turn would help in keeping pace with the growing demand.

Sales and Marketing:

K S Oils believes in creating a strong consumer facing front end and invests heavily in creating a well oiled sales and marketing machinery. As a leading edible oil player in the FMCG segment, sales and marketing play a key role in ensuring that the corporate and products brands communicate and reach out to the customers in proper way; helping the Company in selling its strong value proposition of purity, quality and healthy cooking oil.

K S Oils has developed a deep distribution network to reach out to its customers across the country. This distribution network services the urban and rural market alike. Railways being the faster mode of transport, K S Oils prefers rail to road for reaching its finished products. It also has its own depots at the major railway arrival points. For the rest of the market in the country, K S Oils has set up a network of C&F agents and Central Distribution Points. An aggressive nationwide growth is being rolled out by almost doubling the number of distributors from the current size. Today approximately 1,193 distributors and 1,85,000 retailers market K S Oils products across Eastern and Central India.

As part of its sales and marketing efforts, K S Oils regularly communicates with the consumer on various platforms to increase awareness of health and healthy cooking oil medium; health camps are conducted to educate the consumer and also ensure first time trials and word of the mouth publicity. This growing awareness has widened the markets for K S Oils across India.