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"Breakfast Like a King, Lunch Like a Prince, Dine Like a Pauper"

This ancient proverb is a health wisdom that we so often ignore today. The proverb's prescription of a heavy but healthy breakfast, comparatively light lunch and an even lighter dinner has been turned over its head.

Cultivate a hobby for a happy life

For most of us the word hobby takes us back to childhood days when hours were spent doing things we loved, whether collecting stamps or doing painting or creating craft items.

Drink to health this summer

With summer ready to blaze its time to stock chilled beverages. Over the past few years, aerated drinks have become the favourite beverages due to the influence of advertising, convenience and the rise of 'fizz' culture.

Do you take sufficient iron?

Iron deficiency and Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA) is the most common health problem in India. The National Family Health Survey (NFHS-3), conducted in 2005-06, presents some grave statistics regarding IDA.

Shop your way to health

Do you know your daily/weekly grocery shopping is a major determinant of your family's health? Grocery shopping is not just about buying food supplies but making healthy buying choices; choices that will instill good food discipline, provide your family nutritious meals and at times save you some money.

Hygiene for Fruits and Vegetables

We know that eating vegetables and fruits is vital for maintaining good health. But what we should also know is how we wash, cut and preserve fruit and vegetables, actually determines the health quotient we get from them.

Finding Your Work-Life Balance

Today's professional life is far from a cosy 9 to 5 job. With the office nearly becoming your first home, other areas of your life obviously suffer.

Importance of warming up and cooling down in exercise

Lack of time or over enthusiasm about jumping into an intense workout often prompt people to skip warming up and cooling phases in an exercise routine.

Time Management - getting back your control

Do you often feel that your tasks are governing you or that life is just getting out of control? If you do, you are among this widely growing tribe of people whose fast and frenzied life has left them totally overwhelmed and exhausted.

For Getting a Good Snooze

Do you often toss and turn in your bed at night, trying hard to fall asleep? Nowadays, many people have trouble getting a good night's sleep; bedtime, which ideally should be the most relaxing time, is literally turning into a nightmare for many.

The Food-Mood Connection

"The belly rules the mind", says a Spanish proverb, and well, research is proving it to be true. The food we eat not only plays a role in determining our physical health but also our mental and emotional well being.

Making the most of your twenties

The twenties are our years of youthful exuberance; they are also the years we begin our careers and lay a foundation of our personal and professional lives. The choices we make in our 20s, to a great extent determine the quality of our mature years.

Finding the balance in your 30s and 40s

Our thirties and forties are the years when we are at the peak of our career and neck deep in familial responsibilities; life is really busy and in top gear. Balancing work, family, friends, we are playing multiple roles and multi-tasking.

Ageing Gracefully - your 50+ years

If 20s are full of youthful exuberance, 30s and 40s are about responsibilities and achievements, then 50+ years are about reaping the fruits of your achievements, ageing positively and being in the prime of your life.

When it comes to oil check the mill, not the grist

Why with simple technology and just one ingredient, the oil seed, the flavor of traditional ghani oil can vary so much? Read more to learn more about it.

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Making Commuting Enjoyable

A group of men playing cards, another group singing Bollywood numbers or bhajans, women chit chatting while doing their knitting or going through magazines. this is not a weekend community get together scene but a routine in Mumbai's peak hour local train journeys.

Cook Your Veggies the Right Way

The importance of including vegetables in our diet cannot be emphasized enough. Packed with essential nutrients, phytochemicals and vitamins, vegetables deliver multiple health benefits.

Family Meals Are Good For You

We live in a strange time, a time where we are over working to give our family and ourselves the best comforts in life, but don't have time to enjoy the simplest things in life such as having daily meals together.

Go Nuts. it's good for you

Dry fruits and nuts due to their nutritional and healing properties are among the most recommended natural food items to be included in our diet.

Keep Your Brain Active

As we know brain is our most important organ. The brain not only controls the functioning of our body but also how we think and feel and how we learn and remember among the many other things its controls.

Winter, it's the time to be healthy

It's that time of the year when the air becomes a little nippy and a festive mood sweeps across the country.


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