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The twenties are our years of youthful exuberance; they are also the years we begin our careers and lay a foundation of our personal and professional lives. The choices we make in our 20s, to a great extent determine the quality of our mature years. So while we ride on the adrenalin rush of the 20s, it's also essential to lay a good base for our financial, professional and physical well being during these years.


Education and career

Twenties are all about making choices. Those in early twenties have probably just stepped out of college and are planning to take up further education or hop on to the job bandwagon. With so many career and education avenues available, it could be perplexing as to what to choose.

  • Take time off to find out what you are interested in. Don't follow your friends or the market blindly.
  • If you feel strongly about entering a particular sector but are still confused, take an entry-level job there and work for a few months.
  • Have mentors. Speak to people who have been there and done that. They will guide you and give you an insider's perspective.
  • If finances are not a constraint pursue the higher education you want. Once you start working and have responsibilities it can be difficult to get back to university.
  • Now is the time to take risk, experiment and study. So, freely explore your interests.


Very few thrills can compare to that of newly acquired financial independence. But handle it with care. So, while all the glitzy consumer goods and a high lifestyle may be calling, learn the virtues of saving. Since you will hardly have any familial responsibilities at this stage, you can easily spare a good sum of your income for investment. Your twenties is the best time to begin building your nest egg.

  • Learn about the principles of investing and investment products available. Financial literacy will help you build and maintain your wealth.
  • Create a budget for your expenses. Every month invest a certain amount.
  • Create a retirement plan.
  • The earlier you start saving and investing, the better it is for your financial future.


Since you are young and ageing has not touched you yet, health and longevity may not be on the top of your mind. But, twenties are the best time to inculcate habits that will help you lead a healthy life.

  • Exercise regularly. It will help you develop muscle strength and improve your fitness and body functioning. Once you get committed to exercising regularly in your twenties, it will easy to keep up the commitment lifelong.
  • Eat healthy. While you can enjoy junk food or restaurant meals occasionally, make it a habit to eat healthy home cooked food regularly. Choose vegetables, fruits, wholegrains over processed food and unhealthy fats.
  • Women should especially take care of their diet because they have to prepare their body for child bearing. They should be particular about taking adequate amounts of iron, folic acid and calcium.
  • Women should get their mammograms and pap smear tests done as per the recommended medical convention.
  • Know your family's medical history. If your family has a history of any particular medical condition, consult your doctor and draft a prevention plan for yourself.
  • Avoid high-risk habits such as smoking, drugs and excessive alcohol consumption. These habits will not only knock off some years of your life but they can also make the years you have miserable.
  • Remember, speed and rash behaviour can cut short your life.
  • Learn to be happy and have a positive outlook. Life puts forth several challenges and problems; how you approach them determines your mental well being. Approaching problems with a positive attitude, keeping a check on your stress levels and learning to enjoy the simple things in life will help you become more relaxed and content.

Learn and Enjoy

Twenties is about learning while you enjoy. Take up activities that will enhance your life skills and social skills.

  • Some things are best done in twenties. It would be better to do an adventure trek or go backpacking when you are 24 than when you are 40.
  • Take up a hobby, do a little social work in your free time. These will widen your world, your views and your skills.
  • Take time to understand your 'would be' partner before you make the big decision.
  • Learn to use your freedom responsibly.

Twenties are the lightest years of our life. With boundless energy, only sky seems to be the limit. We can harness this energy into right channels to build a solid foundation for our future years.


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